Are you TIRED of looking at your paycheck
and wondering why it's so small?

Federal Taxes, Social Security Taxes, Medicare Taxes, State Income Taxes, Health Insurance Deductions, etc, etc, etc, all sucking your hard earned dollar out of your paycheck. Did you know it now takes until April 18 for the average American to actually start earning for themselves?  It currently takes you 108 days to pay your tax bill.  And this is just Federal Taxes.  It's much longer when you include State Taxes and other Deductions.  NOW how do you feel?

 Bottom line...working a job feels like an 
 endless hamster wheel. 

It's time to step off that wheel and OWN YOUR LIFE!! There is no better feeling than working for yourself.  There is a HUGE sense of accomplishment and feeling that YOU are IN CONTROL.

    1. Control WHO You Work With

    2. Control What You Do And Sell

    3. Control Where You Work & Live

    4. Control When You Take A Vacation

    5. Control HOW You Work

In today's society it's Easier Than Ever to get into business for yourself.  The internet has changed everything!!  Now you can get the word out about your business to anyone in the world!!  AND it's also easier than ever to target your local area as well.

Let me tell you a bit about my story.  I grew up in a small town in Ohio, did well in high school, and went to college at a mid-sized university majoring in business.  I wanted to be a high paced stock broker when I "grew up". 

I got my degree just like everybody told me to and moved away from home.  I didn't know exactly where I was going (only a general location, in a specific state) and I had no place to stay when I got "there".   I just wanted out of Ohio and wanted to move where it was warmer.  I ended up in a po-dunk town in South Carolina. I found a hotel for the night, found an apartment the next day, and then began looking for work. How hard could it be? I was college educated after all. HA!

Ahhhh the innocence of a 20-something...

Well I ended up only finding temp jobs and got stuck working them for a couple of years.


I TOO was stuck in a job I hated (Read on. This happened MULTIPLE TIMES...). After much deliberation I decided South Carolina wasn't for me so I moved to Florida.  Ha-Ha, even more warmth!!  Well I found another temp job, and also found a new brokerage company that was training new stock brokers.  So I hired on, got trained, took my Series 7 test, passed, and whammo....I was a stock broker.... for all of 6 months.


Yup. I spent 4 years in college thinking I would be something, got it, and then found out I didn't like it. Nice, huh? Now what?? Well luckily, or unluckily depending on how you look at it, I was still working part time as a temp for a bank. So I began working full time for said bank. I moved up to a Small Business Loan Analyst fairly quickly, then an Underwriter. Then as often happens in banking said bank was bought out by a bigger fish who was then bought out by an even BIGGER fish. So I left to another bank, worked there a while, then moved to yet ANOTHER bank. Uggghhh. Corporate life.

Any of this sound familiar to any of you??

Heard Enough?
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I can tell you this...

I HATED working in an office.
I HATED being told what to do all day long.
I HATED being told when to show up,
    ...when to leave,
    ...when to take a lunch,
    ...when to go to the bathroom,
    ...etc, etc, etc.

I used to stare outside and just WISH I could be outside. (I was lucky enough to have moved up enough that I actually HAD a window close in my Cubicle Hell) "What were all those people doing?", I used to think.  Look at all those cars moving about.  Who were they? Where were they going? WHY weren't they at work now? You see, I've always been entrepreneurial. I always wanted to own my own business. I wanted to be in control of my financial destiny.

But how? What to do? You see I had dabbled throughout that whole sorted history above in many business ideas...MLM's, distributorships, invention packets, real estate, selling wholesale goods, import/export, etc, etc, etc.  Nothing seemed to fit.  What I chose next was Real Estate.  I was in banking. It only made sense right?  So I began buying rental properties using a method purchased from a late night info-mercial. I did so well that I decided to "retire" from the corporate world and just be a landlord full time.

This worked well for a few years, problem was 2008 hit.  You see, I began buying in the early part of the 2000's when real estate was BOOMING! Then 2008 hit and me and my many "smarter-than-everyone-else" real estate investors got tanked.  The market crashed and....well you know the rest of the story.

In the midst of this collapse I also got divorced.  It felt like everything was collapsing. My marriage, my business, my life. With my wife leaving and my business crumbling I had to find "a job" again.


NOBODY was hiring.

I had to settle for a part-time retail job. And guess what 3 months later THAT company went bankrupt.  It felt like the Gods were heaving boulders down upon me. Well luckily, depending on your definition of lucky, I got another retail job fairly quickly.

So here I was, a college educated guy, with 15+ years experience in the banking industry working a 20 hour per week retail job for $8 an hour.  Nice huh?

Another job I hated and feeling trapped doing something I was WAY overqualified for. So what's an entrepreneur to do? .... I started reading and I found an idea in a book on entrepreneurs that intrigued me.  So off I was to start it.  I soon realized that I didn't have to work half as many hours to make the kind of money I did working part-time for 8 bucks an hour.  So I quit to work my business full time. And here I sit today.

I still have my small dry cleaning delivery business that I started from scratch.

BUT it won't make me rich.

Heard Enough?
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and start Owning Your Life today.

I can tell you this...

It WON'T allow me to travel where I want, when I want.

It WON'T allow me to put any kids through college.

It WON'T allow me to save what I need for retirement.

I can live, sure, but I want more.


So Enter...

One day I was sitting at my 4th Fantasy Football draft of the year when the guy next to me, who I really didn't know very well, started talking to the guy across the table about this new business he had just started. He had brochures and everything!! Haha.

Well this perked up my entrepreneurial ears.  I listened to him talk, and I listened to the other guy politely dismiss him. Anyone familiar with Network Marketing can recognize this scenario. Like I mentioned earlier, I had dabbled in MANY Network Marketing ideas. But for some reason this one really intrigued me. I asked him for more information.

You see my fiance' and I had been thinking about starting up a new venture in Health and Wellness. This just fit right in. I personally had been taking vitamins and supplements (at that time) for 15 years.  I knew the right ones would work for me. I was able to STOP TAKING 5 different prescription drugs within 2 months of starting and never looked back.  So I knew the value of supplements.

As a "business guy" I always hated the thought that I took a product religiously from the same company for 15 years and could never make any money on that product.  They didn't have an affiliate program (a program whereby you refer people to a product and get paid for that referral or purchase) or any referral type program.  But their products worked better than all the others I tried so I just kept buying them.


Symmetry Global is an international supplement company based in the United States. Their primary way of advertising and sales is through Network Marketing, through their Distributors. More on that later.

Again, I had tried MANY, MANY different Network Marketing opportunities.  None of them fit for me.  My problems were these (and maybe this sounds familiar to you):

1. Product was too expensive.

2. Uninteresting products, or products nobody

3. No support. No upline team member helped
    me learn the business or the industry.

4. Inability to sell something I didn't totally
    believe in.

NONE of that is true for Symmetry!!

I had FINALLY found a company
I could hang my hat on.

Benefits of Symmetry

1. Was cheap to get started.

2. Support from upline was (AND STILL IS)

3. Products worked BETTER than my old

4. Products were CHEAPER than my old

5. Compensation plan was 500% better and
    easier to understand than all the other
    past companies I had looked at.

So for me it was a no-brainer! A match made in heaven!! Why not get paid to take what I already was taking, save money doing it, and take 3-5 FREE trips every year for doing it? (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the trips. Symmetry GIVES you FREE trips for hitting certain goals. This year the next trip for us is in HAWAII!!! Nice right?)

Ok, ok...So what's the bottom line here? Right? I know that's what you're asking. "What's my bottom line?"

... $25.00 ...

"$25.00?", you ask. Yup. It only costs $25.00 to become a Distributor. Now you also need to purchase a package of products on your initial order, but there is no other "fluff" like other companies offer. You pay for product that you either use or sell, plus an extra, one time (annual), fee of $25.00.

Where else can you start your own home based business for $25.00?


So if this all sounds like something
YOU want
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